bodhisatva: home of buddhism


Project Description

Welcome to the bodhisatva: home of buddhism, Must have app for every buddhist in the world.

Mindfulness & meditation for wherever you are. Super convenient and beautifully designed to fit your lifestyle, bodhisatva: home of buddhism is the best value meditation app around with no hidden charges.
bodhisatva: home of buddhism will help you de-stress, sleep better and bring more awareness and compassion to all parts of your life & It is excellent for beginners.


1. Meditation Mantras
✓ 12 custom guided audio meditation tracks
✓ Designed for peace of mind
✓ Tracks range from 5 – 30 minutes
✓ Meditation timer
✓ Information about all the mantras is available in the Chinese and Japanese languages.

What We Used:

  • Android
  • Android SDK
  • Android Development
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